When it comes to your wedding the only thing that should be the same as the next couple getting married is the life-long commitment. Yes, ceremonies and receptions may be similar but the difference lies in the details. It’s the bespoke details that will set your event apart.

There are so many aspects that are customizable for your big day; there is no way to cover them all but here are some ideas for inspiration.

For Your Guests

For guests that are traveling to your wedding a welcome bag or basket is the perfect personal touch. You can customize the contents specific to the individual guest or to the destination. A simple and inexpensive detail to add is a handwritten note expressing your gratitude for travelling to join you for this important day; you can also include any last minute details or an invitation to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

If your wedding is outdoors provide your guests with something for the elements. For a hot day parasols for shade or a fan, if you are expecting cooler temperatures, blankets or pashminas are a nice touch.

For The Bride

The bespoke wedding dress isn’t for everyone but it is certainly an option for the bride that is looking for something completely one of a kind. On a simpler level a bride may wish to add or remove an embellishment from their dress, shoes or accessories.

Without tampering with the dress, jewelry can always be made custom for brides and bridesmaids alike. I love it when a bride incorporates a piece of heirloom jewelry into their hair or onto their bouquet.

Although it may be hard to find a floriographer a good florist can help you pick the perfect bunch not only for bouquets and boutonnières but for décor as well.

For Décor

From flowers, to plants or trees, incorporating living elements into your event space can add natural elements that entice the senses. Similarly, for your tablescape incorporating the things that will naturally be on the table such as bread or wine into a centerpiece can be beautiful and functional.

Unique chairs or place settings can also take the ordinary to extraordinary. Creating a unique seating arrangement is an inexpensive way to set your event apart. My grandmother always said that when planning a dinner party, couples should be seated across from each other and over one to inspire great conversation.

For the Groom

Similar to the Bride, the Groom’s attire can be completely customized or he may want just a few standout accessories whether it is unique socks, a custom tie, pocket square or shoes. Groomsmen can be detailed in a similar way, allowing an ordinary suit to showcase some personality.

The couples that I work with come in with a vision for their fairytale; my job is to edit that vision into a reality. There is certain elegance in simplicity with great attention to detail.