Tuxedo or suit?

What is the difference between a tuxedo and suit? When you picture a tuxedo, what comes to mind? A coat with tails, bowties, James Bond? A tuxedo is more formal than a suit, however, the styling of a modern tuxedo is not that different from that of a suit. If you are into tails, you can still find them on a morning coat, Shadbelly or a dress coat. The most significant differences between tuxedo and suit is the use of satin and piping. On a tuxedo you may find satin used on any of the following: the lapel, the pockets, the buttons, and/or a stripe down the pant leg, on a suit you shouldn’t...

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Not All Dresses Go To Heaven

You’ve spent years dreaming about your wedding dress, hours searching for the perfect gown, and months saving up for it. Now that your wedding day is over, what do you do with your beautiful dress? This is a question that I cannot answer for you but I will tell you about your options and how I feel about them, like anything, it’s your wedding and your dress and the most important thing is that you do what makes you happy. It is currently very trendy to “Trash the Dress,” for those of you that don’t know, that isn’t stuffing it in a big green bag and placing it out on the curb. Trashing your...

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