Who's Your Stylist?

When you hear the words personal stylist, what comes to mind? For many it is the thought of a luxury for the rich and famous. There is no denying that having a personal stylist is indeed a luxury, it is however an affordable luxury. In addition to hair and wedding styling, I am pleased to announce that I am now officially offering my services as a personal stylist. I have styled hundreds of men and women for special occasions and for many of my clients that has already evolved into a long-standing relationship as their closet curator. I have also been on the other side of the client-stylist...

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Signature Cocktails

2016 is a leap year and when the year gives you an extra day, it makes sense to spend it sipping cocktails. I was lucky enough to be invited to judge a cocktail competition at El Cortez restaurant featuring Patron Tequila. The bartenders that participated included Sarah and Nick from Harts Table, Chuck Elves from Three Boars, Brandon from El Cortez, Brad from Canadian Brewhouse in Camrose, Cole from Ampersand 27, Evan and Jordan from Bar Clementine, and Josh from Solstice Seasonal Cuisine. Edmonton is clearly a city filled with tremendous talent and creativity when it comes to cocktail making...

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What I really did this summer

I recently wrote about all of the things that I got up to this past summer , weddings, travel, Capital City Burlesque and the list goes on but I left out some pretty important details. While on vacation in Vancouver, I was contacted by Canada’s W Network and invited to Toronto to interview for a position on one of their shows. I got on that plane with butterflies in my stomach anticipating the interview and trying not to get too excited about the possibilities before me. I’m so thankful to all of my clients who have put up with being rescheduled and I’m sorry for all of the excuses. It really...

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