Love as an Ingredient

With February being the month that we celebrate Valentine's Day, and being in the wedding business, which is built on love, it has been on my mind. We all know love in one way or another; we love people, pets, shoes, and other things. Instead of loving something, what are the things that you put love into? I am fortunate as a wedding stylist in Edmonton to be surrounded by people who are in love and I channel that love and my love for beautiful things, into making their vision a reality. When I style a client's hair or work as their personal stylist, my love for style and fashion fuels the...

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Who's Your Stylist?

When you hear the words personal stylist, what comes to mind? For many it is the thought of a luxury for the rich and famous. There is no denying that having a personal stylist is indeed a luxury, it is however an affordable luxury. In addition to hair and wedding styling, I am pleased to announce that I am now officially offering my services as a personal stylist. I have styled hundreds of men and women for special occasions and for many of my clients that has already evolved into a long-standing relationship as their closet curator. I have also been on the other side of the client-stylist...

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