Getting the Best Fit: A Guide to Wedding Dress Alterations

For anybody having a Summer or Fall wedding, at this point the dresses have been ordered and they are on the way or already in. The next major step in the final process is getting the gown to fit and I’m not talking about losing or gaining weight, I’m talking about alterations. A standard gown is made for somebody 5’9 with a B-cup bosom, if you, like most women do not fall into this category your dress needs to change, not you. When all is said and done, your wedding gown should be the best fitting garment you’ve ever worn. An expensive, good quality alteration can take a ten-dollar dress and...

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Wedding Trends of 2015

Welcome to my blog! This is the place where I plan to talk about hair, weddings, sparkly things, a bit about me and what I'm up to in Edmonton and in my travels. For my very first post of 2015, I look at what we will be seeing in the weddings of 2015, covering décor, engagement rings, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes and the wedding dress of course. In this post there's nothing about bridal hairstyles as that is a separate post in itself. Many of the wedding trends of 2014 we will see carried over into 2015 but with a few twists. Rustic Chic Décor Last year we saw a lot of décor that...

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