As we kick off the new year, here is a brief look back at some happy moments of 2018.

At home I made some changes. It started with a few coats of paint and a few framed Hermes Scarves and ended in a total overhaul. New lighting, new furniture and it is a whole new space.

Towards the end of the year my Jeep that I loved and had served me well died beyond repair. I needed a new car and with the help of the amazing staff over at Team Ford they seamlessly got me into a brand new Ford Escape. Car dealerships have a reputation of taking advantage of people who don’t know a ton about cars and are in a situation where they need one ASAP. Team Ford listened to what I was looking for and went above and beyond to get it for me well within my budget.

Last year there were some great gatherings that included some amazing food. Charcuterie, home made ice cream, cookies, cakes, and of course Pavlova. I’ve found if you bake a Pavlova, people will gather. In addition to my home baking, on occasion, I learnt a hand baking or decorating over at the Art of Cake.

In 2018 there were two Royal Weddings, Prince Harry to Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank. You know I love a Royal Wedding enough to wake up before sunrise to catch the live broadcast and it isn’t often that there is more than one in year. If you didn’t catch it in while it was happening, read my blog post about their dresses here.

Although I didn’t travel as much as I have in past years, 2018 included some excellent trips within Canada. Early in the year I spent some time on Vancouver Island and in the Summer I traveled all over the East Coast. Both the East and the West Coast of Canada are beautiful and even more so when experienced with family and friends.

Back in Edmonton, there was the ballet, theater, symphony, and the rodeo to name a few. Edmonton really has so much to offer. Oh yes, and there were weddings, indoors, outdoors –weddings everywhere! There was planning, there was shopping for the dress, and there was hair. I truly love what I do and I enjoyed working with all of my brides.

Now, as I look ahead to 2019 and even as far as 2020 (I am booking already), instead of any resolution, I’m simply hopeful. I’m hopeful for a year filled with all of the joys of 2018 and more - more time with family and friends, more weddings, more travel, and more opportunity.