In the Fall, I attended Bridal Fantasy with my friend Caroline de Vries from McLean & Shaw. McLean & Shaw offers a unique insurance product that covers most wedding disasters - Wedding Guard™. The hope with insurance is that you won’t have to use it, however, in the event that you end up with a wedding disaster it’s something you will wish that you had. I’ve been in the wedding industry long enough to know that things can go awry even on the best-planned day. You can listen to my interview on CBC radio on the topic of wedding disasters:

Wedding insurance can be purchased no sooner than one year from your wedding date and no later than three days prior to. Insurance won’t cover cold feet but here are just a few scenarios that it does cover:

  1. Unavoidable Cancellation – You’ve planned your winter wedding with guests flying in from all over and there’s an ice storm, nobody is going to make it. Wedding Guard™ will cover the costs of deposits and rescheduling your big day.

  2. Vendor No-Show – The caterer is booked and paid for and doesn’t show up, your wedding planner can help you in the moment, Wedding Guard™ can help you recoup money lost.

  3. The Dress – You’ve said yes to the dress and it’s been fitted and sent home with you and you take it out to show your mom - oops, she’s so excited she drops a glass of wine down the front of your gown. Wedding Guard™ covers loss or damage to bridal attire.

  4. Sickness or Injury – The vows are in sickness and in health but it is no good if bride or groom wakes up on their wedding day with the flu. If you are too sick or injured to make it down the aisle Wedding Guard™ will cover the cost of cancellation or rescheduling the wedding.

  5. Photography – After the big day is done, all that is left are the memories and photos, what if the photographer didn’t show or his card was wiped before the photos made it to the cloud. Wedding Guard™ will cover the cost of having to retake photos.

Wedding insurance varies by provider and package, it is important to discuss the details of your budget with your insurer to make sure you have enough insurance to cover your unique purchases and deposits. Also, be sure to check with your vendors so that you are not doubling up policies unnecessarily.

To find out more about Wedding Guard™ contact my friend Caroline de Vries at McLean & Shaw.