This is the time of year where we are all a little busier. During the day work is busy in anticipation of the upcoming holidays, evenings and weekends are filled with festive activities and holiday parties. Before I am swept away with the Season and waking up in 2020, I want to summarize some of highlights from the past year, I am pleased to share with you, in a two-part blog post, a few of my favourite things.

Advanced Skin Care Clinic - HydroDerm Facial

I’ve mentioned my skin and skin care in the past and how I was Yudit’s very first client at her first spa location nearly twenty years ago. Fast forward to 2019 when Yudit is the first clinic in Alberta to bring in the HydroDerm Pro machine; I had to be one of the first to try it and I was! Let’s just say there is no going back now. The HydroDerm Pro gives a 4-in-1 facial that includes: Hydrodermabrasion which deep cleans your pores and infuses Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Oxygenation with a citrus rose spray that is refreshing and calming after the deep clean, Radio Frequency which feels like a hot-stone massage of the face but leaves it lifted a tightened, and lastly Ultrasound that vibrates quickly and loudly but deeply infuses the masks and serums into the skin leaving you glowing. The results are a clean, clear, radiant, and lifted complexion.

My friend Yudit at Advanced Skin Care Clinic has been kind enough to offer anybody who mentions this article a special price of $175 for the pre-purchase of a HydroDerm Facial (reg. $225). Coupon Code FRIENDOFTYREL, valid until December 22, 2019.

The Art of Cake - Cherry Chews

Gloria and Guenter from the Art of Cake are so talented and responsible for many of the cakes at the weddings that I plan and my annual red velvet with cream cheese icing for my birthday. Beyond wedding and birthday cakes her café carries a plethora of delicious treats including my favourite the Cherry Chew. Oats, coconut, delicate almonds and sweet cherries, these squares remind me of my Gran. If you haven’t been in to the Art of Cake, you must go, the large industrial space is made cozy with antique tables and chairs and beautiful treasures displayed around the room. Take a friend and your appetite, you are going to want more than one treat.

Coliseum Steak and Pizza - Filet Mignon

The menu at the Coliseum Steak and Pizza says it right at the top “Serving Great Food Since 1976.” It’s true and when my family comes to town it is one of our favourite spots for dinner. Coming from a family of Alberta Beef farmers, I have had my share of steak dinners and nothing beats a Filet from Coliseum Steak and Pizza. The restaurant is dated but that is part of its charm, the food is always delicious, the service is consistently friendly and the price point is very reasonable. This locally owned and operated restaurant is a hidden gem in Edmonton. Go there, you won’t regret it!

Italian Centre Shop - Bresaola

In some circles I am well know for my charcuterie boards and many of my favourite ingredients can be found at the Italian Centre Shop. The Italian Centre Shop has multiple locations, I usually will pop in to the one in West Edmonton as it is closest to my home. The deli at the Italian Centre Shop is filled with meats and cheeses from all over Europe and North America products that you won’t find in other stores. Visit when you have time to really look around, their staff is friendly and knowledgable and may introduce you to something you didn’t know you loved. For me it was Bresaola. Bresaola is a raw beef fillet that has been cured in salt then air-dried for several months, during which time it turns a deep red colour. Served in very thin slices it can dry out quickly and is best freshly sliced. Pop into the Italian Centre Shop and try it for yourself.

Laser City Laser Tag - Laser Tag

A friend of mine was turning 40 and his wife organized a birthday party that was a throwback to his ten year-old self. I went my whole life until this year, never having played laser tag, so when the opportunity arose, I was in and I even brought the cake (thanks Gloria). Laser City Laser Tag is in an industrial area on the Southside of Edmonton and is a huge space. As a rookie, I really didn’t know what to expect but was pleased to discover that vests and guns were lightweight, easy to operate and the space was large with many spots to hide. It was a workout but a ton of fun! I’d recommend Laser City Laser Tag for an exciting group outing or date night that could work up an appetite for a steak dinner or help burn off a cherry chew or two.