It is tradition at a wedding for bride and groom to cut the cake and serve it to their guests. Lately we are seeing a spin on this tradition, yes, there is a cake to cut but you no longer have a cake and eat it too. Many couples are opting for a more personalized dessert bar for their guests to enjoy. Not only does a dessert bar allow the personalities of both the bride and groom to shine through, it gives your guests an interactive and customizable experience.

So you’ve decided to have a dessert bar at your wedding, where do you start? Think back to your childhood, do you have a favorite family recipe that comes to mind or a special memory that surrounds baking. For most of my clients it doesn’t take much to come up with a short list of favorites. Once you’ve narrowed down your ideas, speak with a baker or your caterer, they can help you sort out quantities, display, and add ideas to your list. Keep in mind that if you aren’t serving the cake, you will still need a small cake to cut, for this you will want to have an area dedicated to the cutting of the cake separate from the dessert bar.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some ideas that are sure to bring out your inner child. Take an idea and make it your own.


Cookies and Milk


Your Family's Famous Pie Recipe

Ice Cream, Gelato or a Make-Your-Own Sundae Station

Your family, the theme, and the season may influence your dessert selection. I recently coordinated a wedding for Tom and Kate that included a beautiful dessert bar. In congruence with their theme, tables were made of stacked pallets and decorated with greenery and flowers. White plates displayed a large variety of cupcakes, cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries and grapes. In addition to the dessert bar, the couple had a special area set up with a small but beautiful cake just for cutting. The Art of Cake in Edmonton prepared the cake and all of the desserts featured at Tom and Kate’s wedding.